New Orleans Saints’ final 2023 NFL Draft grades from media ‘experts’ and outlets

Finally, it’s over. That’s the 2023 NFL Draft we’re talking about.

That includes the New Orleans Saints, and the grades from many of the so-called “experts” have been released for all 32 teams.

Some publications have put out grades only on individual selections, but many of the names you know have looked at the entire body of work.

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We have put together a compilation of some of those grades and comments here from all the names you know and love … or don’t love (wink):

What grade would you give for the New Orleans Saints’ 2023 NFL Draft?

Mel Kiper, ESPN (Grade B-): Interestingly, this is the same grade he gave the Saints last year. (Does he just copy over the season before? Maybe we should go back and do some research? Here are his comments:

“This was an interesting draft for the Saints, who originally traded away their first-rounder last April then added one as a result of former coach Sean Payton getting hired by the Broncos. The Saints ended up picking 19 spots after their original selection. If they had their own pick at No. 10, they could have made the move up one spot to get Jalen Carter, like the Eagles did, and fill their biggest hole.

“New Orleans instead landed my third-ranked DT Bryan Bresee (29), who isn’t as good against the run as Carter but does have some pass-rush upside. After his freshman season in 2020, I thought Bresee was a future top-five pick, but he missed all of 2021 with an ACL injury. If he can put everything together, he could be worth it, because teams covet interior pass-rushers.

“I thought the Saints reached a bit for edge rusher Isaiah Foskey (40) on Day 2, and I would have preferred running back Devon Achane over Kendre Miller (71). Nick Saldiveri (103) played mostly right tackle in college, but he likely will move inside to guard for New Orleans. Quarterback Jake Haener (127) landed in a fun spot; his closest comp in size and mechanics is Drew Brees. Now, if the 6-foot passer becomes as good as Brees, I’ll be regrading this draft as an A+, but I see his ceiling as a really solid backup behind Derek Carr or a low-end starter. AT Perry (195), a 6-foot-3 wideout, had 26 touchdowns over the past two seasons.

“There were a few significant reaches in this New Orleans class, which drops it to the lowest tier of these grades.”

2022 GRADE: B-minus

USA Today (Grade A-): “The Saints didn’t grab every single need on the roster in this draft, but what they did do is knock out the biggest ones. The horrid pass rush of last season has no excuse to return after their first two picks of Bresee and Foskey. Bresee might be a bit of a risk in the first round to some, but the reward outweighs that risk as he can contribute right away while also have the potential to be an all-timer.

“Foskey is about as safe of a defensive lineman pick that the team has ever made. Haener is a stellar backup option. Miller should be ready to play immediately as the team awaits what happens with Kamara. Perry in the sixth round is great value. This is one of the better Saints drafts in recent memory.”

Pro Football Focus (Grade B-): “Day 1: A talented player on the defensive interior, Bresee is coming off a season where he posted a career-high 82.0 PFF pass-rushing grade. He can play across multiple spots on the interior and even has some experience playing outside the tackles.

“Day 2: Foskey has the size and athletic profile that New Orleans tends to covet on the edge. He uses his 34-plus-inch arms well to keep himself clean but never dominated as a pass-rusher at Notre Dame like his sack numbers might indicate, posting a 42nd-percentile pass-rush grade at the position over the past two seasons.

“Miller was remarkably productive at TCU, averaging over 6.5 yards per carry over the last two seasons. He earned an 88.5 rushing grade and forced 70 missed tackles in 2022, the latter a top-25 mark. Miller can bounce runs outside and make one sharp cut to get upfield in a hurry, and his 816 yards after contact ranked sixth in the Power Five.

“Day 3: Saldiveri earned an 85.1 pass-blocking grade in 2022 at tackle but likely moves inside to guard at the next level. Both starting guards in New Orleans are entering contract years if the Saints decline the fifth-year option for 2020 first-round pick Cesar Ruiz. Saldiveri was a late riser who generated a ton of buzz over the last few weeks, and New Orleans felt it was necessary to trade up to ensure it got him.

“The Saints give up a 2024 fourth-round pick to move all the way up from Pick 227 and select the Fresno State quarterback. Haener excelled on throws between 10 and 19 yards downfield, producing a 92.1 PFF grade on those plays, but he earned just a 45.7 PFF grade under pressure.

“Howden earned an 80.6 coverage grade with an 18.4% forced incompletion rate in 2022, and he rarely misses a tackle (3.1% missed tackle rate). He’s a solid and reliable player on the back end with above-average athleticism and almost 2,000 snaps over the past three seasons.

“Perry’s consistency left something to be desired at Wake Forest, but this is great value for the Saints in Round 6. Perry has an impressive catch radius paired with an ability to create separation downfield. He’s coming off back-to-back seasons at Wake Forest with at least 1,000 receiving yards and 10 touchdown receptions.

“Forsyth played 805 snaps in 2022, producing a 72.0 grade in 2022 that included an 83.5 true pass-blocking grade. He allowed just one hurry from 408 pass-blocking snaps.”

2022 GRADE: C

Sports Illustrated’s Kyle Mosley (Grade B): “The New Orleans Saints management, including Mickey Loomis, Jeff Ireland, and the team’s scouts, have done an impressive job identifying the team’s needs and choosing players who could make an immediate impact in 2023. Even though QB Jake Haener, OL Nick Saldiveri, and S Jordan Howden may not see much playing time this upcoming season, their performances during rookie camp, mini-camps, OTAs, and training camp will be closely monitored.

The first two draft picks — DT Bryan Bresee and Isaiah DE Foskey — have the makings of becoming stalwarts for the team’s defense and within the New Orleans community for many a year. Both individuals possess high energy, a great work ethic, charisma, and a strong character that the Who Dat Nation will fall in love with during camps. Foskey visited his friend’s hospitalized grandfather just thirty minutes after being drafted by the Saints. During the previous season at Clemson, Bresee found inspiration in supporting his sister, who lost her fight with brain cancer.

Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas have uncertain statuses at the beginning of the season. Thus, this presents an opportunity for running back Kendre Miller (RD. 3) and wide receiver A.T. Perry (RD. 6) to shine in their training camps and gain more playing time with Dennis Allen and Pete Carmichael.”

Pro Football Network (Average grade by player A-): Bresee B+; Foskey A; Miller A-; Saldiveri B+; Haener A-; Howden B; Perry A+

“The Saints needed a strong draft after tying their wagon to Derek Carr, and that’s what they got. Bryan Bresee and Isaiah Foskey should give the defensive line a facelift on Day 1. Kendre Miller has the potential to carry the torch as the team’s next dynamic runner. Jake Haener, while unspectacular, functions as an excellent insurance plan at QB.

“Nick Saldiveri is a versatile depth piece with starting upside on the OL, and the cherry on top was A.T. Perry in Round 6. Perry has the tools to be a legitimate weapon for New Orleans and drastically outperform his capital alongside Chris Olave and Michael Thomas.”

DraftKings (Grade B-): “Bresee and Foskey could potentially be the defensive duo up front for New Orleans in the long term, while Miller has a chance to play his way into meaningful snaps from the get-go. The Saints didn’t come away with any “splash” additions, but they didn’t truly have to given they addressed their biggest need via free agency.”

CBS Sports HQ’s Rick Spielman (No grade):

“You look at Bryan Bresee, and he might have been a top-10 pick before his injuries. I think the Saints might have got a steal here where they ended up picking him. … Jake Haener is Case Keenum. He is going to be an excellent backup.”


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